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Other Species
Jack Crevalle, Snapper, Needlefish, Sharks and Crocodiles..

You could catch both Jack Crevalle, Snapper, Needlefish, different sharks, and one of our friends even had a crocodile hooked...

There is a lot of other species around the flats an mangroves on Cuba.



Jack Crevalle is really fun to fish using a popper in the surface, where you strip it in unregular moves. I had an experience at Cayo Largo where a whole school of Jack's where following my popper, atacking it from all angles. The estimated weight of the fish was 10-12 kgs..., and when they where attacking the popper, a few almost landed in our boat. I must admit that my heart was beating a little bit faster when 60-70 fish of that size was fighting to catch the popper..




Needlefish is a long thin fish with a longslim bill full of sharp teeth. You can often se them in high and loong jumps, as they escape from the boat while you are treveling between the different flats/mangroves. I have caught a few on Crazy Charlie flies, when fishing for Bonefish. The first two i hooked took my fly, bit of the line and went off. I didn't understand this before I saw the first one i landed.. his teeth where razor sharp, almost like an Barracuda.. (look at picture) Wading around without a plier to pick out the fly is not recomended when you catch this kind of fish, since it snapps with its bill/mouth as you try to pick out your fly.

Ted Needlefish

asgeir alvestad jack crevalle

JP Red Snapper

JP Jack

Bjørn mini jack

Jon Olav mini Jack