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Cuba Facts
About Cuba
Area: 110,860 sq km Population: 11,5 million Capital City: Havana (pop 2,200,000)

Full country name: Republic of Cuba

Coat of arms of the Republic of Cuba
Area: 110,860 sq km
Population: 11,5 million
Capital City: Havana (pop 2,200,000)
People: 60% Spanish descent, 22% mixed-race, 11% African descent, 1% Chinese
Language: Spanish; Castilian
Religion: 47% Catholic, 4% Protestant, 2% Santería (many Catholics also practice Santería.



 Flag of the Republic Of Cuba

The Flag of Cubawas designed in 1850 by rebels that wanted independence from Spain. The 3 blue stripes represent the divisions of the Island at the time, while the white stripes represent freedom. The equilateral triangle stands for freedom, equality and brotherhood. The red color represents the bloodstain necessary to achieve independence. The star represents absolute freedom of the people.



Fidel Castro(Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz)          

Born: August 13, 1926

The former Head of State of Cuba for nearly 50 years, and a leader of the Cuban Revolution. Fidel Castro, as he is widely known, was the Prime Minister of Cuba from February 1959 to December 1976 and then President of Cuba until he transferred power to his brother Raúl Castro in February 2008



Raoul Castro(Raúl Modesto Castro Ruz), President of Cuba

Born: June 3, 1931

President of the Cuban Council of State and the President of the Council of Ministers of Cuba. The younger brother of Fidel Castro, he is also Second Secretary of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), and Commander in Chief (Maximum General) of the Armed Forces (Army, Navy, and Air Force).



Ernesto "Che" Guevara

June 14,1928 - October 9, 1967

Commonly known asChe Guevara,El Che, or simplyChe, was an Argentine Marxist revolutionary, politician, author, physician, military theorist, and guerilla leader. After death, his stylized image became a ubiquitous countercultural symbol worldwide.